Zen to nihon bunka

Showa period, dated 1940 / Book, typeset on paper

Trans: Momo'o Kitagawa September 30, 1940 First Edition

A work dealing with Zen thought as Eastern philosophy. The book was originally written in English and intended as an introduction for Westerners to Japanese culture as influenced by Zen Buddhist thought. The first English edition was published by the Eastern Buddhist Society. Following this, the Japanese translation by Momo'o Kitagawa was published by Iwanami Shoten and remains a widely read work in Japan as both an introduction to Zen Buddhism and a tool for deepening understanding of Japanese culture. It is considered a classic work on both subjects. The earlier English version was translated into German and published in 1941, and in 1958 was revised and released as Zen and Japanese Culture out of New York and London.

Zoku zen to nihon bunka

Showa period, dated 1942 / Book, typeset on paper

Trans: Momo'o Kitagawa October 15, 1942 First Edition

Zoku Zen to Nihon bunka is a Japanese translation of the second half of Suzuki's English-language work Zen Buddhism and Its Influence on Japanese Culture (1938, Eastern Buddhist Society, Kyoto) along with the additional chapter "Zen to kūkan". Along with the previously published Zen to Nihon Bunka from Iwanami Shoten, this meant that the original English version had now been fully translated. For the sake of convenience, however, the categorization and order of the material was altered for this second Japanese volume so that two new chapter headings, "Zen to mondō" and "Zen to noh," were added, and chapter seven of the English original, "Zen to chajin," was moved to this volume, subtitled "Zen to Nihonjin no shizenkan."

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