Important Publications

1895 Paul Carus, The Gospel of Buddha (Japanese trans.)
1896 New Theory of Religion (Japanese)
1900 The Awakening of Faith (English trans.)
1906 Sōen Shaku, Sermons of a Buddhist Abbot (English trans.)
1907 Outlines of Mahayana Buddhism (English trans.)
1910 Emanuel Swedenborg, Heaven and Hell (Japanese trans.)
1921 The Eastern Buddhist (English, first issue)
1927 Essays in Zen Buddhism, First Series (English)
1932 The Lankavatara Sutra (English trans.)
1933 Essays in Zen Buddhism, Second Series (English)
1934 Essays in Zen Buddhism, Third Series (English)
An Introduction to Zen Buddhism (English)
1935 Impressions of Chinese Buddhism (Japanese)
1938 Zen Buddhism and Its Influence on Japanese Culture (English)
1939 The Mind of Emptiness (Japanese)
1942 Essays on Pure Land Thought (Japanese)
1944 Japanese Spirituality (Japanese)
1946 The Cultural East (ed. with R. H. Blyth, English, first issue)
1947 The Essence of Buddhism (English)
1948 The Myokonin (Japanese)
Religion and Culture (Japanese)
1949 Living by Zen (English)
1957 Mysticism: Christian and Buddhist (English)
1959 Zen and Japanese Culture (English)
1960 Zen Buddhism and Psychoanalysis (with Erich Fromm and Richard De Martino, English)
1970 Shin Buddhism, (English)
1971 Sengai, The Zen Master, (English)
1972 The Kyogyoshinsho (English trans.)
2003 Collected Works of Suzuki Daisetz, 40 vols.