Kamakura period, dated 1257 / Book, ink on paper

Zen analect edited by Koji Keidō in the Song Dynasty, containing quotations from scriptures such as the Kegon kyō (Buddhavatamsaka Sūtra) and Zen records such as the Keitoku dentō-roku (Transmission of the Lamp). Describes a concordance of Confucian, Buddhist, and Daoist thought from a Zen perspective. Ben-en Enni (1202-80) introduced this Song print to Japan.

Out of 20 volumes, 10-12, 18, 19 (5 volumes in total) are missing, and some sections are missing from some of the existing volumes. The inscription in Vol. 1 reads: "Shōka gannen uruu sangatsu nijūni-nichi, Fumon-ji ni oite / shoshahitsu (First year of the Shōka era, leap-month-March [solar-adjusted lunar calendar], twenty-second day, Fumon-ji [temple] / transcription)." Furthermore, as can be deduced from the yōkoku scarlet seals, "Fumon-in" and "Kōmyō-in", that it carries, this work is a copy of the Song edition of the Buppō daimyō-roku (a designated Important Cultural Property) held at Tōfuku-ji. Thought to have been Enni's personal copy. Courtesy Sekisuiken Bunko Library. "Sekisui" refers to Mitsuo Ishii (1881-1966).

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