The Kyogyoshinsho

Showa period, dated 1961 / Ink on paper

Manuscript excerpt of Suzuki's English translation of the Kyōgyōshinshō, (Chapter 3: The True Faith, Chapter 4: The True Realizing). Drafted in ink by Suzuki on various types of Japanese writing / university notebook paper. Sheets have been numbered beginning with 118, divided into three sheaves, and stored in an envelope. The envelope indicates that the contents were composed in Tokyo over the period February 10-March 11, 1961.

The Kyogyoshinsho (Rough Draft)

Showa period, 20th c. / Book, typeset on paper

Printed and bound typescript of Suzuki's handwritten text for the English Kyōgyōshinshō, bearing Suzuki's signature on the cover. Contains detailed corrections, edits and notes by Suzuki, as well as by others.

The Kyogyoshinsho (Preface)

Showa period, dated 1963 / Manuscript, ink on paper

Unpublished preface to the English Kyōgyōshinshō. Suzuki had been mulling over what sort of preface, and what sort of terminology, should be employed in his English translation of the Kyōgyōshinshō. Through this process the preface gradually took on its present form. Sample above in Suzuki's hand outlines the content and historical background of the Kyōgyōshinshō and its author Shinran (1173-1262). It appears that this manuscript was converted to type on February 22, 1963, judging by the inscription on the first page.

The Kyogyoshinsho (Preface)

Showa period, dated 1963 / Manuscript, typed on paper

Example of typescript from Suzuki's manuscript. The full manuscript is divided into sheaves consisting of 31 sheets of paper in four different sizes, with emendations marked in black and red ink on each page. Note at top in red pencil indicates that the revisions were incorporated into type May 14, 1963.

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